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Odyssey has been repairing "non" Odyssey equipment for years.
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Odyssey offers an extensive list of different services. We also repair other products not manufactured by Odyssey.
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Equipment Repair

Odyssey fully supports every product we produce with an extensive warranty and out-of-warranty repair service, but did you know we also repair other equipment. Please contact us for your repair needs.

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LED Replacement

We offer LED replacement for Sony DFP-R2000 35mm digital readers and Kinoton LED assemblies. Please contact us for lead times, availability and detailed return policy.

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Sound System Racking

We’ve been wiring complete sound packages for over 20 years. We have hundreds of systems in theaters. No job is too small or too large, from wall hanging supplemental to triple rack quad amplified systems.

Standard rack package includes a 27” deep 6 foot equipment cabinet, all electrical to customer specs, all necessary panels, lights, trays or other items as required or requested. We signal test each rack, carefully package and ship each system to the job site, with all manuals and accessories. Each rack gets a serial number and packing slip.

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