8 Channel Booth Monitor

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Can be upgraded to a "data-port" style monitor with our TM-HDBM I/O module.

Economical 7.1 Channel Booth Sound Monitor. Accepts process output signals and passive, biamped or triamped amplifier outputs.

Ships with input termial boards and universal voltage plug-in supply. Procssor input boards available with "THX" or "TASCAM/CP850" inputs.


Data Port I/O Module

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Add-on Biamepd "Data Port" I/O module, for use with Odyssey TM monitors. When installed it provides HD15 outputs, for direct connection to "Data Port" inputs found on modern amplifiers.

On board switches provide options for external crossover inputs and parallel surround outputs.

This unit is designed to not interfere with processor signals to the amplifiers, even if the unit is turned off.



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This add-on backboard for our TM-series monitors. This backboard monitors passive, bi-amped or tri-amped channels, for both Processor outputs and Amplifier returns.

It also provides pluggable connectors arranged to provide clean wiring to and from the amplifiers.


32 Channel Booth Monitor

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Extended Surround Monitor Switch. 32-channel monitor switch, for use with modern multi-surround "immersive sound" systems.

Monitors 32 channels of audio and selects one at a time to be sent to an external speaker, such as the Odyssey DTM-V (or any other booth monitor).

Input boards are available in both "THX" and "TASM/CP850" pinout.

Ships with universal voltage plug-in supply.


Single Channel Booth Monitor

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Single-channel booth monitor. Easy to install, easy to operate. Single RCA connector for inline-level input.

Digital volume control and mute buttons.

Can be used with the CP850's "Monitor" output.

Ships with voltage plug-in supply.