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TASM-DCM-3 Cable

6 & 8 Channel Processor Cables

DB25 to DB25 processor cables to connect the CP850 "channels 1-8" outputs to modern booth monitors/crossovers.

  • Standard 3-foot length.
  • 6 & 8 channel models avilable. (8 channel model number is TASM8-DCM-3)


TASN-8CT Cable

8 Channel Cable Snakes

DB25to un-terminated ends. Ideal for connecting and dressing cusom Atmos sound systems in the field. Note: "xx" denotes length. For example a 15-foot cable would have a model number of TASM-8CT-15.

  • Standard lenghts of 9, 12 and 15-feet..
  • Other custom lenghts avilable (in multiplse of 3-foot lenghts).
  • Termination options (XLR, phoenix, etc.) avilable at an additional charge.


TAS8-HD15 Board

TASD-HD15 Board

TASCAM-to-HD15 Boards

These boards covert the DB25 "Tascam" outputs of the Atmos equipment to HD15 "Dataport" connectors used by many of the modern amplifiers

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