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Digital Audio Over CAT6

Our series of boards that build on the AES-over-CAT6 standard.  These boards can plug into the DB25 output of the server, and the input DB25 inputs of down-stream devices. The RJ connectors on the boards are pin-compatible with the RJ connectors of the Doremi IMB and the USL JSD-100.

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Simple Installation
With our line of "RJ" boards we have made digital installation very easy. Just plug one board into the DB25 input of the server/down stream device and the other board into the Server, connect the CAT6 cable(s) and you're done.
Cost Effective
The cost of an "RJ" set is typically less expensive than a equivalent digital audio cable. Shipping is cheaper as well due to the significant weight difference between the standard cable vs. the "RJ" board set.
Great for Retrofit installations
The "RJ" board set allows the use of CAT6 cable(s) to pass digital audio. This is perfect for a retrofit installation allowing the installer to run CAT6 through existing conduit or wire trough. This makes for an easy and clean installation.
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Input Adapter Board for DTS 6AD


DB25 With metric screws for Sony Servers. This board is also compatible with many newer processor digital inputs.

Automation Input Board for DTS-6AD


DB25M With Doremi/DCI pin configuration for Doremi servers, Doremi D-A converters, GDC IMB and others.

Output Board for DTS-6AD


DB25M Designed for the Ouput Connectors of the DSS-200 and DSS-100. (Note: Only 8 Channels on the DSS-100)

Monitor Input Board for DTS-6AD


Input Board for the QSC DCP-300, 200 and 100.

650-OPTIO-AES baord with RJ Connector


Our latest version of the 650-OPTIO-AES board for CP650, now with parallel RJ input for AES channels 1-8.

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