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Digital Audio Cables

Digital Audio Cables

4 Pair (8 Channel) and 8 pair (16 channel) digital audio snake cables. These cables carry balanced AES signals from Digital Servers to Analog processors and D/A converters.

Cables for Dolby Servers to various audio equipement.
Cables for Doremi Servers to various audio equipment.
Cables for GDC Servers to various audio equipment.
Cables for Sony Media Block to various audio equipment.
Selecting The Correct AES Cable For The Job

To determine the correct AES cable for an installation, these questions need to be addressed:

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Server Type
What is the server to be used in the installation?
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Integrated Media Block
Is the server being used with an "integrated Media Block" ("IMB")?
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Destination Device
What is the "down-stream" or destination device? This would be a cinema processor ("CP"), or a D-to-A converter.
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Cable Length
What is the length of cable needed to get the digital audio from the server to the destination device?
Furthermore, some modern cinema processors, such as the USL JSD-100 and QSC DCP-300, are capable of processing 15-channels of digital audio. This might warrant using an 8-pair AES cable (for 16-channels) for processing 7.1 surround, HI/VI content channels, and any future channels created by the studios. Please contact us with any questions.

Lead-time and delivery would depend on which cable is needed and the quantity.

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