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About Us

A little about who we are and where we are going.

Who is Odyssey?

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Odyssey is proud to serve the movie theater industry for more than 20 years. From our start as a custom manufacturer Odyssey has developed an extensive line of equipment specific for theaters. For our two decades of success we can only thank our loyal customers.

Odyssey provides theaters with low-cost, unique, and hard to find equipment and accessories. Our innovative products help our customers to adapt and connect the equipment in a modern theater projection booth.

Today’s theatres are incorporating cutting edge digital technology with the original mechanical aspects of the booth. Our people understand what it takes to get a new theater open or to upgrade an existing location because we’ve done it personally. We understand the challenges of equipping a theatre and making sure all the pieces fit correctly, and doing it under a deadline.

We stay informed of new additions and updates to projection and sound. We believe in delivering a speedy customer response. We also believe in providing a quality, cost-effective product with full warranty and proven reliability. Odyssey has equipment in thousands of theaters globally operating every day, some for two decades. We are a loyal partner with our customers and are always ready to offer advice and support on any issue if we can help.

Custom designed products are a strong part of our business. We provide turnkey services from concept to delivery. We design and prototype proprietary products, manufacture in any quantity and deliver when needed. The product carries our standard warranty and person-to-person support is always available. Our customers know that their products will work correctly and meet their requirements.

Our response to the continued growth of equipment in the industry and the need to make it all work in harmony has led to a product line of hundreds of items, everything from add-on boards and cables, to booth monitors, electronic crossovers, hearing-impaired equipment, automations, switchers, software-driven signal routing equipment and the list keeps growing.

Our Mission...

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We couldn’t have picked a more exciting industry than Motion Pictures. True, being in Hollywood would no doubt be glamorous, but being on the playback end has its moments too.

We at Odyssey share a love of movies, old and new. Not a day goes by without someone quoting a movie line.  We enjoy the theatre experience, with hot popcorn, cold sodas, and a professional technical presentation. We look forward in anticipation to the newest and best movies, and the enhancements to the playback of those movies such as 3D and digital sound.

We find it exciting and challenging to keep up with the ever-changing equipment and methods of putting movies on the big screen. Our industry will always be challenging itself to become better and to offer more to the customer.

Our mission is to be right there at the front of the line, keeping up with those changes and offering solutions to make implementing them easier.

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