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Automation breakout terminal board for USL JSD-60 processor.

Drive In Mixer
Digital Auido mixer for Drive in Theaters. Down-mixes 6 Channels to a 2 channel stereo ouput.

Converts "ECI-60" pin configuration to "THX" configuration

Input DB25 board that provides "ECI-60" input pin configuration...more

Screw terminal break out board for the DIN output connector on the DAX-602 Digital to Analog converter...more

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HIVI Solutions

Are your theatres compliant with the 2014 amended ADA regulations?
Do you need help integrating Hearing Impaired and Audio Description equipment with your existing sound system?

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Digital Audio over CAT6

Odyssey is proud to announce our full line of "RJ" boards. These boards allow the transmission of digital audio over CAT 6 cables. This is great for retrofit installations as the CAT 6 cables fit easily through existing troughs or conduit. Our current selection of boards covers many newer processor digital inputs as well as Sony, Doremi, and Dolby servers. Click here to learn more.

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Tech Support

Need tech support? Looking for a manual? Need pin-outs? Try our tech support page.

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Odyssey Chat!

Have a quick question, need a part number or price. Click over to our chat page and we will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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